Client Words


For confidentiality reasons we cannot share names, but here are words of appreciation generously shared with us by our clients.

Many thanks for your assistance at a time when I felt very stressed and out of my depth. This experience has been a valuable learning experience - not one that I want to repeat. Should I ever need your services or advice again I would not hesitate to contact you or recommend your service to others.
Zac has an exceptional level of professionalism and has an innate ability to inspire confidence and assuredness during an otherwise difficult experience.
Thank you so much for your support, expert advice & kind assistance in helping us with our son’s court case. We very much appreciate your efforts and know you achieved the best outcome possible.
Tankard’s Law is hands down the best and is for anyone that really wants to be looked after. The staff are remarkable and very understanding, kind and caring, as well as Mr Tankard. I personally would like to recommend them to any family and friends.
Thank you for your advice and guidance with our son, we greatly appreciate your expertise.
Thank you very much for the support you gave and the work you did to help our son in his case. He was very impressed with the way you worked together and the obvious knowledge of the law which was integral to the success. The unexpected bonus of recouping costs is also very much appreciated.
I can’t thank you enough for an amazing job in the face of a near impossible task. Your case preparation and attention to detail is outstanding and I would be happy to recommend Zac to anybody needing legal advice.
I’m over the moon with the result and give full credit to you regarding advice, preparation and presentation. I’d like to thank you for the excellent professional representation and personable manner you showed towards me.
Zac is absolutely wonderful. A true professional and achieved an outcome that we never could have wished for. Highly recommended.
Unreal service by the whole team. Zac was very professional, organised and as a bonus was a great bloke which makes a huge difference in my books. Got the job done, with the result i was hoping for and you cant beat that. I recommend this firm to any and everyone... this is the bloke to go too. 10/10
Thank you so much for representing me and for my outcome. As much as I enjoyed meeting and getting to know you, I hope I don’t have the need to see you again. You will however now be the family’s ‘go to’ should we need legal representation.
All aspects of your business present in a professional, efficient, calm and friendly manner. I appreciated your confidence and knowledge, as well as being listened to. Being so nervous, I also appreciated that your confidence was never arrogant or condescending.
I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did and the support offered to our daughter and indeed us all. You were wonderful to work with and we appreciate everything you did for us.
Thanks for all your help Zac. Relieved it’s finally all over, with a great outcome. Appreciate your guidance and representation. If we are ever in trouble again you will be the first we call (so hopefully you won’t hear from us :))
Hands down best service in Wagga. First of all Mr Tankard and the staff at Tankard’s Law are very caring, hard working people. They are an expanding company with a very high reputation around the local area. I felt like I was prioritised every time I walked in to the offices. Mr Tankard comes across very positive and proud of his occupation. Having pride and being so humble, Mr Tankard was very organised and knows exactly how to play the game. He was very assuring and is outstandingly experienced in law. I felt comfortable with my matter at Tankard’s Law and I think if you’re really looking for results stop, in at the new offices at Tankard’s Law.
I would highly recommended this law firm to anyone who is seriously seeking law advice and great customer service.
All the thank yous belong to you Zac, you are the only reason our son can get on with his new life with enough confidence to succeed, as he is extremely good at his work and now thanks to you he can steam ahead in a positive way. As you know I am grateful as the ice has ruined so many individuals and their families I hope you can help someone else like you did for us and know you make a positive difference to their lives and their future.
I was impressed with Zac’s ability to put me at ease, as this was all unchartered territory for me.
We felt confident there would be a good outcome and the truth would prevail because we were in good hands. Every step was explained prior to attending court. Very pleased!
My husband and I have always found Zac Tankard to be a very honest asset to have on our team.  He has always given us sound advice as well as giving us a clear direction on which way to proceed.  Zac always made an effort to know us personally, always taking the time to say hello before getting down to the business at hand.  He has shown us respect when dealing with difficult situations and has also shown a responsibility to represent us to the best of his ability and with a wealth of knowledge and deep understanding of the law.  Zac has shown considerable care and cooperation when dealing with our most sensitive issues and talking factually without the intent of speaking beyond our understanding. We would not hesitate in recommending Zac Tankard to anyone in need of a criminal law expert, but most importantly as someone who takes the time to get to know his clients.  
We appreciate your hard work and dedication over the last few days and your support today. Words are not enough to express our gratitude and thanks for making today happen.
Thank you very much for all your help and support with my son, also being so patient and supportive to me. We couldn’t have got such an amazing outcome without you.
He was very kind and showed no judgement making it easy to communicate. Mr Tankard displayed excellent knowledge of the Court procedures, seized any available opportunity to improve my case. He explained everything in a way that was easy for me to understand, delivering detailed advice helping me conclude Court requirements. He maintained a friendly, professional attitude making the experience pleasurable. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Tankard.
Just thought I should shoot you a quick email thanking you for everything did for me. The support and outcome was more than I could have asked for. I am currently in the midst of doing my final year rotations and although a pain with no license for 2 more months the outcome could have been much worse. Honestly the care that you showed me for the mistakes I made meant a lot and made the process a lot easier.
I was impressed with your professionalism and attention to detail from day 1. If I ever hear of anyone in need of a solicitor I will send them your way.
Thank you Zac our matter was resolved in a manner which allows us to move on with our lives.
I won’t be needing your services again in relation to any traffic matters. I will not be needing any services as I will be so painful on the road now it will be Miss Daisy revisited. Thank you for the friendliness and the professionalism. I will definitely send any friends to you for their matters.
Our sincerest thanks to you Zac. We could not have done this without you, we really appreciated both your legal advice and your support.  A great outcome, and we can finally move forward.
We were impressed with and thankful for Zac’s caring yet very professional manner. We felt complete confidence in him: his experience and knowledge of what was required. Zac gained our confidence from the very first meeting and put us at ease (as much as was possible) during a very stressful time. All enquiries were treated promptly and respectfully. We were very grateful to Zac for going above and beyond after the sentence hearing, by taking us back to the court to speak on our daughter’s behalf to the judge re extension of time needed to complete ID check.
I would certainly recommend Tankard’s Law.
Thank you so much for all your help and support through all the steps I needed to take to get through all these matters. Thanks so much, couldn’t and wouldn’t of done it without you.
Zac has extensive knowledge of the legal system and what’s required for the best possible outcome.
Thank you for representing me in court and your advice. You made a stressful time easier.